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Welcome to my family history site.

This site is

Firstly, I must say that at the moment this site is in its very early stages and ONLY the links which are underlined on the Index bar on the left, actually lead anywhere. I have done this to give you an idea of what will be available in the future. So it's perhaps a good idea to come back every now and then to see what's new, as I am planning to try and update it at regular intervals. However all links (book icons) found here on these pages on the right are active.



This site is split up into four main parts which represent my four grandparents.

 They are:


My fathers father, Percy John LAWFORD, born 30th Nov. 1888 and died 2nd Oct. 1975.


My fathers mother, Elsie Eveline ENGLAND, born 14th May 1890 and died 25th June 1976.


My mothers father, George Wilfred CLAXTON, born 7th Sept. 1891 and died 14th Jan. 1973.


My mothers mother, Mary Grace CLARKE, born 25th Sept. 1892 and died 1st Feb. 1986.


Other topics covered on this site are.

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 If you think our families are linked in any way or you have any comments just send me an e-mail.